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Rammstein – Deutschland

Last night I saw the video shortly after the premiere. I just watched it again. And I have to say, the power of sound and vision has given me wet eyes. Really. Apart from the fact that I look at the overall package also from production-technical perspectives, so for example the sound design at the …

bilingual pages

Welcome world! I made my homepage bilingual now, English and German (see switch in the menu left). My English may not always be perfect because I’m not a native speaker. Please bear with me. 😉 I’m sure you will get every point I bestow on you. Enjoy exploring! 🙂


When did this trend actually begin? At least it was suddenly there. Youtube is now full of it. Videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Of people in quiet environment with sensitive microphones relatively close to the ear (thus close to the microphone and usually in stereo), who produce fine noises (so-called triggers), which cause …