Film shooting at Schloss Reichenow

I had a very cool image film shoot by Christian Scheffer including accommodation this week at Schloss Reichenow, a really exquisite location in a great environment with a nice team. Speaking of team: I would like to thank all involved for this cooperation. Among others, Peggy Wochatz, who will be the focal point in the finished film in addition to the location itself. Likewise Stefan Kochert (Director of Photography), James Dyar (light), Frank Schach (sponsor and initiator), Julia (assistant director) and Susi (mask and good soul on set).

Everyone was so motivated, professional and, above all, in a good mood, that I could not wish for anything better. This shoot was really fun and I’m glad to have met such great people again. Thanks also to my sound colleague Felix Hirte, with whom I represented the sound department. Once again a great cooperation.

When there are results, I will report it. Until then, stay curious!

Edit: Watch the final film HERE !

Participation at LANNEFF Film Festival in L.A.

After receiving an invitation from Carey Westbrook, director and organizer of the festival, we are taking part with our short film “In Your Shoes” at the said Neo-noir film festival LANNEFF, which takes place in LA (homepage and festival).

The “trash” factor has just risen and I find it super cool. Now I’m curious what will happen.

Here for you again the movie in adapted version (including English subtitles). Have fun!


When did this trend actually begin? At least it was suddenly there. Youtube is now full of it. Videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Of people in quiet environment with sensitive microphones relatively close to the ear (thus close to the microphone and usually in stereo), who produce fine noises (so-called triggers), which cause a tingling feeling (so-called Tingles). ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Although I personally do not experience tingling, many sounds are very pleasant and extremely relaxing. Just light scratching noise, rubbing fabric, whispering and mouth sounds, almost directly on or partly already in the ear. And it is always exciting to discover new creatively used and audibly explored objects of everyday life with the ears (preferably with headphones). The phenomenon of personal attention also totally relaxes me. Is it a reflex of the recovered childhood? Read More