“Produce Like A Pro” remix contest

Hi! This is my remix for the “Produce Like A Pro” contest for the song by “The Workday Release”. I used the vocal and acoustic guitar stems and built the rest around it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy listening. 🙂

Take a look at the official group for the contest.

Additional info:
I made it in FL Studio. The main instruments are the American Grand Solo piano by Analog Lab 3, the Orchestral Suite by UVI, Autogun synth by Image-Line, TAL Elek7ro and samples. For mixing and mastering I used internal EQs, MLoudnessAnalyzer, Waves tools such as SSL Comp, J37 tape emulation, L3-LL and NLS channels for summing. Room effects are Waves IR-L reverb (IR of York Minster England/Church) and H-Delay (tape delay). I also used the CLA-76 and CLA-2A, such as the Kings Microphones on the vocals.

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