So much for “professional singer”

I just had to make an unpleasant experience with a self-proclaimed professional singer and would like to make it clear that I do not consider it professional at all.

Currently I am in the final exam at WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien. For a very large and well-known Berlin company (the secret will be aired soon) I’m currently producing a very extensive sound branding. Some time ago, I started a search call for a singer / speaker with the remark that it is a student project without a budget, but with the chance to take over the branding and profit sharing, if there is a fee.

Among others, a female singer from Berlin wrote me, who I inaugurated in the project and who wanted to take part. I was happy to have someone by the hand. While I was a little confused, she asked for a fee, saying “no budget” in the online call, but we agreed that as a reward for her effort, she could also record a demo song with me, which I would also mix. By the way, a fair deal, because studio and producer, who records with expensive equipment and then edit the song with mixing and mastering, really costs a lot of money

Now I’m in the final moves, have produced 12 different audio elements and must have delivered everything by mid-September, so in two weeks. For the two songs to be recorded, I wrote lyrics, produced music and created a so-called guide track. It took all the time and of course it is a bit short now. However, I had written to her in advance that I would like to record at the end of August, at the beginning of September, and I also asked her about her off-times. So everything was planned and crystal clear.

I sent her the material and stated that I knew the tight schedule. Suddenly it turned out that she will be off unplanned for a few days and that it was all too short for her to acquire the songs. She thought we had more time. I kindly pointed out that I had given her all the information in advance and asked her about the off-times. Suddenly she distanced herself from the project. Now … just before the end. With the hint that I could not expect such a thing from a professional singer and should rather turn to a hobby singer.

Here are the points that I see summarized:

  • As for the argument with the hobby singer: She as a “professional singer” has contacted me. Not the other way around. She had all the information and knew exactly what she was getting into.
  • Even though she has held up the professional flag several times, her behavior is unprofessional. Professionals know the sometimes short deadlines of the industry and are flexible, professionals can quickly acquire songs and professionals are up to their word and stick to agreements.
  • We had a contract, even if it was made by messenger chats. If I were meticulous now, I could prosecute her for breach of contract. But what would I have from it? And as already mentioned, the fee was worth a lot with my studio performance. She is not really aware of that.
  • She took the chance for a really good reference herself. As I said, this is a really big company. And they might even come back to her in the future, which would have meant new contracts and a income for her. Apart from the positive propaganda in her Vita.

That’s how you shoot yourself off. Hard luck! Professionally in no way. And word gets around. To let myself down so close to the end in this way and even want to shove it in my shoes against the background of the above points, is really bad and an absolute no-go. I wish her luck and succes with this attitude

Now I’ll roll up my sleeves again and rock the last few weeks. Yeah! 🙂

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