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Behringer Interview @ Superbooth 2019

My interview for Wave Akademie at Superbooth 2019 with representatives of Behringer on the idea behind the recreation of old analog classics. Especially the background of the recently released drum machine RD-8. Test Behringer RD-8 at Camera: Oleksandra Meier-KrukInterview, music, video editing: Fabian MarschelewskiEditor: Peter C. Krell


When did this trend actually begin? At least it was suddenly there. Youtube is now full of it. Videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Of people in quiet environment with sensitive microphones relatively close to the ear (thus close to the microphone and usually in stereo), who produce fine noises (so-called triggers), which cause …

DIY 8D audio with AMBEO

It seems to be just a new hype. And it actually works somehow. Despite a simple stereo channel (preferably headphones) it is possible to give the impression that a sound source is moving around the head. There are already countless videos on Youtube. You can create this effect yourself by downloading the free AMBEO Plugin …