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Sound design Caribbean scenery | Showreel

I took completely silent video footage and designed a simple but immersive soundscape for it (listen to it via headphones). So everything you hear has been intentionally added. Contact me for working together on your project!

Spy Agent | Action Film Score

This is an action music I composed and produced. With a strong arc of tension, which ends in a huge showdown. It would be suitable for action movies and thrillers, e.g. car chases, escapes over the rooftops of a city, helicopter rescue missions and much more.

Currywurst Cowboy official soundtrack

Here it is. The official soundtrack I wrote and produced for the short film “Currywurst Cowboy”, written and directed by Christian Scheffer at WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien in Berlin. The intention was to create some kind of retro sound like from the 60’s and 70’s with its raw imperfection. The sound track is based …

Behringer Interview @ Superbooth 2019

My interview for Wave Akademie at Superbooth 2019 with representatives of Behringer on the idea behind the recreation of old analog classics. Especially the background of the recently released drum machine RD-8. Test Behringer RD-8 at Camera: Oleksandra Meier-KrukInterview, music, video editing: Fabian MarschelewskiEditor: Peter C. Krell

Mark Reeder Interview Superbooth 2019

My interview for the WAVE AKADEMIE at Superbooth 2019 with music legend Mark Reeder about his early years, his movie “B-Movie” and his career. Thanks, Mark! I am glad that I was able to save the sound, which was unfortunately completely noisy due to strong interferences. A little mammoth task. 😉

Filmshow PanOptikum

A brave team without being experienced in live television came together and did it. Not perferct, but with heart. On June 18th we co-managed the sound for the first PanOptikum live TV show at TV station ALEX Berlin . Produced by Blue Arc Productions in collaboration with filmArche. With guests Saralisa Volm and Janis Westphal. …

Superbooth 2019 Videos

On behalf of the WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien, I looked around at Superbooth 2019 and interviewed some very interesting people, like Berlin Techno legend Dr. Motte, Mark Reeder, Dieter Doepfer, the Behringer team and other crazy gear manufacturers. The first two videos, in which I took over the post-production including my own music, are …