Sound Branding

What is it?

A sound branding serves to create a recognition value with music and sounds for companies, brands and products, just as it is done with visual elements. Your brand gets its own distinctive sound and becomes audibly visible. The branding acts as a multiplier, individually or in combination with visual elements.

Why do we need something like that?

The field of audio is still too often neglected in marketing today. Either only visual elements exist without any sound, or they are off-the-shelf music that is neither coordinated with each other nor specifically adapted to the brand and target group.

Audio is emotional and remains in the memory. It strengthens your company, your brand or your product, has a unique selling proposition, helps to stand out from the competition and creates associations and a long-term recognition value. Customers are more aware of your brand, experience it holistically and are happy to be bound to it.

What does a sound branding consist of?

  • Audio Logo: short, concise music or sound element, matching the picture logo
  • Brand Music: Continuation of the audio logo as a complete piece of music
  • Soundscape: ambience for unobtrusive background sound
  • Brand Voice: Voice of the company, which conveys all brand values ​​across all media

If necessary, the list can be extended by additional elements.

Where can we use these elements?

Suitable are all media that can be perceived by the ear: image films, broadcast spots, TV and cinema advertising, telephone waiting loops, exhibitions, events, POS, apps, websites, podcasts and more.

How does this all work?

The process is about a lot of communication, brainstorming and development. This progress takes several weeks and I am attentively devoting all my time to you and our joint project. This includes, among other things, the initial interview, the company and market analysis, a target group definition, the creation of a concept, if required, the search for a speaker and the associated voice recording, a genre choice, planning the instrumentation, composition and arrangement, mixing and mastering as well as the presentation of the result.

Graphically, this can be represented as follows:

During the process, I’ll keep you up to date. You can sit back and let me work creatively for you.

What does this cost?

Creating your exclusive and distinctive brand sound is a creative / artistic service. A unique creative achievement, which can only be done by me in exactly this form. You will receive the unlimited right of use to use the branding advertising across all media. In a personal conversation, I go closer to project-specific prices.

I am happy to answer your questions. I am looking forward to an exciting time.

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