Tag: Audio Design

Sound design Caribbean scenery | Showreel

I took completely silent video footage and designed a simple but immersive soundscape for it (listen to it via headphones). So everything you hear has been intentionally added. Contact me for working together on your project!

Showreel Production Music Film Score | Sad Emotional

I made another video to present a sad and at the same time beautiful music I wrote and produced. On request, I produce specific music for film, companies, products, advertising and the like.

Showreel Production Music | Technical Medical

A demo video with production music composed by me in the style technical or medical. On request I produce specific music for products, companies, advertising and the like.

Sound Branding for Alternative Berlin Tours

Here is my final sound branding for Alternative Berlin Tours, the hottest provider of alternative city tours through Germany ‘s capital, including the voice of Santiago Ziesmer (Spongebob Squarepants, Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel, Steve Buscemi and many more), whom I met in a cool session at the WAVE AKADEMIE. The feeling of a proud …

DIY 8D audio with AMBEO

It seems to be just a new hype. And it actually works somehow. Despite a simple stereo channel (preferably headphones) it is possible to give the impression that a sound source is moving around the head. There are already countless videos on Youtube. You can create this effect yourself by downloading the free AMBEO Plugin …