Tag: Music Production

Cyberpunk Music

A dark, midtempo and Cyberpunk inspired Techno song I composed and produced. This type of music I make to be used in futuristic, dystopian and cyberpunk motion pictures or video games. Additionally I made this music video to underline the mood visually. This will give you an idea of how the music fits to a …

Spy Agent | Action Film Score

This is an action music I composed and produced. With a strong arc of tension, which ends in a huge showdown. It would be suitable for action movies and thrillers, e.g. car chases, escapes over the rooftops of a city, helicopter rescue missions and much more.

THERE IT IS: MY Cocktail Music

The piecees of music I composed and produced for the cocktails of the same name for the company Cocktail Up. Cocktail Up is a mobile cocktail bar and coffee bar. They also offer cocktail boxes for you to mix at home. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club My intention was when I heard the name of the …

Cocktail Music?

After having successfully completed a large assignment for a well-known global company a few weeks ago, I’m currently sitting on a new interesting task. The task is to develop suitable music for cocktails that are to be marketed on a large scale in cooperation with other countries. One of two songs is already finished. I …

Showreel: 80s / Synthwave

My showreel as a music producer for the genre 80s / Synthwave. I produce music for movies, commercials, games, websites, brands and so on. Contact me now! All songs taken from my David Marrs project. Pictures by Victoria Borodinova, cottonbro, Guilherme Stecanella and Ryan Spencer. Editing by me.

Studio build

This spring I moved into a nice studio, which I have already almost completely furnished. Two things will happen in the next weeks. First, a good colleague is building an audio computer for me, which will be an absolute “work monster”. I’ve never had such a crazy machine under my fingers before and I’m already …

Behringer Interview @ Superbooth 2019

My interview for Wave Akademie at Superbooth 2019 with representatives of Behringer on the idea behind the recreation of old analog classics. Especially the background of the recently released drum machine RD-8. Test Behringer RD-8 at Amazona.de Camera: Oleksandra Meier-KrukInterview, music, video editing: Fabian MarschelewskiEditor: Peter C. Krell