Sound Design and MusiC produCtion

Sound and effects that immerse you in the action close to reality. Sounds, such an important image of our world, are my home. I will make the right sound for your material.

In addition, I compose individual music of various genres, which goes into the ear and stays in the head. From orchestral themes to modern chart sounds.

Fields of application:

  • Advertising, Infomercials
  • TV, film, web (documentaries, reports, feature films etc.)
  • Radio plays and audio books
  • Games
  • Dance classes, fitness, workouts
  • Theatre
  • Children’s songs
  • Ghostwriting for releases

Sound Branding

I create specific music and sound elements suitable for your brand in the sense of a high-quality acoustic brand management. As a result, your company or product is audibly visible and holistically strengthened on the market for customers.

Fields of application:

  • Image films
  • Cinema, TV and radio advertising
  • Podcasts
  • Telephone waiting loops
  • Events, exhibitions, vernissages
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • On Air Design (OAD)

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I offer:

  • Musicality, creativity, inventiveness
  • Passion for music and sound
  • Over 20 years experience in music production
  • Apprenticeship as a state-approved sound designer
  • Quick comprehension and implementation
  • Quality, innovative and modern

My values:

  • Friendly, empathic approach
  • Personal care
  • Trust
  • Responsibility and reliability