Cyberpunk Music

A dark, midtempo and Cyberpunk inspired Techno song I composed and produced. This type of music I make to be used in futuristic, dystopian and cyberpunk motion pictures or video games.

Additionally I made this music video to underline the mood visually. This will give you an idea of how the music fits to a movie or game.

Thanks for the awesome video material to: Alena Darmel, cottonbro, Mikhail Nilov, c-technic, Rostislav Uzunov, Yan Krukov, Yaroslav Shuraev and more.

THERE IT IS: MY Cocktail Music

The piecees of music I composed and produced for the cocktails of the same name for the company Cocktail Up. Cocktail Up is a mobile cocktail bar and coffee bar. They also offer cocktail boxes for you to mix at home.

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

My intention was when I heard the name of the cocktail, I immediately thought of discreetly luxurious, hip South Seas parties on a boat. Or beach parties. The genre house immediately came to mind. The song starts off quite dull and echoed, as if you were coming up out of the water in a cave and swimming out to the boat. I had a cave in mind when I tasted the drink, because the cocktail moved from the front to the back of my mouth quite noticeably in terms of taste.

The whole piece of music builds slowly, just as the cocktail works slowly when you drink it, or as you get in the mood at a beach party at dusk. At some point, the mood rises, night falls and the music in the song increases accordingly.

I also made mood video to visually support the feeling.

Pina Colada

The second piece of music I composed and produced for the cocktail of the same name.

The idea: We are on the road in Havana, Cuba. It is sunny and warm, we walk through the streets and pure life is raging around us. Bright colours, happy people, good-smelling food and delicious cocktails. Towards evening, as the sun sets, we sit down in one of the many bars next to the street, directly on the water. The colourful lighting illuminates the pavement. And as night falls, the party starts in the streets and everyone dances together.

Cocktail Music?

After having successfully completed a large assignment for a well-known global company a few weeks ago, I’m currently sitting on a new interesting task.

The task is to develop suitable music for cocktails that are to be marketed on a large scale in cooperation with other countries.

One of two songs is already finished. I have sent this as audio and also provided with a suitable video to the idea giver of the project. I was excited to see how the idea would be received. The feedback received directly afterwards was as follows (quote):

“To put it briefly, it’s terrific. It’s not at all what I imagined, but it’s awesome. You capture with the video and the music exactly what people need and crave at the moment. I can taste the cocktail even though I don’t have one in my hand at all. It’s phenomenal.”

That blew me away, and I’m happy and grateful that my vision is having such an impact.

I can’t reveal more just yet. Everything else will follow! Stay tuned and check back.



Audio & Video: On the threshold between analog and digital

For all those who could not attend the last event An der Schwelle zwischen analog und digital (On the threshold between analog and digital) or want to listen to the audio material again, here are all the music and sound pieces of the WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien students and me for the artworks of Valentina Murabito.

The feedback from the visitors, as well as from Valentina, was extremely positive. Let me know what you think about my experimental piece “Animal Locomotion”.


I also cut an aftermovie for the event. Enjoy!

On the threshold between analog and digital

One of the artworks called Animal Locomotion will be set to music by me. I am deeply impressed by what all the other musicians have done so far after I have already auditioned! All pieces of music matching the pictures can then be heard on location.

During Berlin Art Week 2020, the WAVE AKADEMIE für Digitale Medien in cooperation with Valentina Murabito will be hosting an intermedia exhibition. On display are 11 works of art, including large-format analog photographs and photographic frescoes.

The SOUNDDESIGN students of the WAVE AKADEMIE will set the artworks to music. The young musicians process the associations that arise as a result of the visual perceptions of the pictures via the sounds and noises into musical compositions.


13 / 14 September 2020, 4 – 9 pm

Demminer Str. 28
13355 Berlin

Facebook event:

Studio build

This spring I moved into a nice studio, which I have already almost completely furnished.

Two things will happen in the next weeks. First, a good colleague is building an audio computer for me, which will be an absolute “work monster”. I’ve never had such a crazy machine under my fingers before and I’m already quite nervous.

On the other hand I ordered professional acoustic absorbers made of Basotect. The plan was originally to build such things myself, but since the craftsmanship and time involved would be quite considerable and I couldn’t be sure that the quality would be convincing, I decided on the finished version, although it is more expensive. But the weight alone makes it much lighter than a DIY block. This also plays into my hands. A partial delivery has already arrived and soon I will install everything.

The DIY project will be realized one day, because I really want to produce such absorbers myself. You can make them for your home. Because even there the acoustics are often not that great.

An exciting time and I’m looking forward to giving it a real boost soon.