Sound Branding

What is it?

Sound branding is the art of creating recognition for companies, brands, and products through music and sounds, much like visual elements do. Your brand gains its distinctive sound, becoming audibly visible. This branding works independently or in combination with visual elements as a powerful multiplier.

Why do we need it?

The audio realm is often neglected in marketing even today. Either there are only visual elements with no accompanying sound, or generic music that lacks synchronization and customization for the brand and target audience.

Audio evokes emotions and lingers in memory. It fortifies your company, brand, or product, creating a unique selling proposition, helping you stand out from the competition, and establishing long-term recognition. Customers perceive your brand more strongly, experiencing it holistically and forming positive associations.

Components of sound branding:

  • Audio Logo: A brief, distinctive musical or sound element, aligning with the visual logo.
  • Brand Music: Extension of the audio logo into a complete musical piece.
  • Soundscape: Subtle background sounds for ambient enhancement.
  • Brand Voice: The voice of the company conveying brand values across various media.

Additional elements can be added as needed.

Where can these elements be used?

Applicable to all auditory mediums: image films, radio spots, TV and cinema commercials, phone waiting loops, trade shows, events, point of sale, apps, websites, podcasts, and more.

How does this work?

The development process involves extensive communication, idea generation, and refinement. This unique process spans several weeks, where I dedicate my time to you and our joint project. This includes initial discussions, company and market analysis, defining target audiences, creating a concept, potentially sourcing a speaker and recording their voice, genre selection, instrument planning, composition and arrangement, mixing and mastering, and presenting the final result.

Graphic representation:

During the process, I keep you up to date. You can relax and let me be creative for you.

What does this cost?

Creating your exclusive and distinctive brand sound is a creative/artistic service. It’s a unique creative output that only I can provide in this specific form. You receive unrestricted usage rights for cross-media advertising. Prices are project-dependent, and I will discuss them in detail during our personal conversation.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to an exciting collaboration.

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