Filmshow PanOptikum

A brave team without being experienced in live television came together and did it. Not perferct, but with heart.

On June 18th we co-managed the sound for the first PanOptikum live TV show at TV station ALEX Berlin . Produced by Blue Arc Productions in collaboration with filmArche. With guests Saralisa Volm and Janis Westphal. Presented by Katrin Kaspar, David-Jonas Frei and Jorgos Stathis. And the great band A Panda Do Sol. It was very exciting. Thanks to everyone involved. 🙂

Melody template

During my sound design/music production apprenticeship we got a midi melody from our lecturer Michael Jakumeit and had to build a one minute song around it in half a day. This is my result, inspired by 80s pop like Nena.

Btw: It was mixed only on the headphones I’m using here. I didn’t go into the studio as well for this fun project.

Music video shooting

Christian Scheffer had a small music video production going and I was one of the main actors for this. I’m not really used to act in front of the camera, but it was an awesome experience and lots of fun. And yes, I had to shave my beard for it. The first time in 20 years I saw my complete face again, haha.

Thanks to opera singer Bettina Jensen, director Christian Scheffer and WAVE AKADEMIE. Also to Christoph Gehl and Svetlana Hofmann for the awesome camera work and to Niko Krüger and Marc Sam for helping on set with light, equipment and just everything. I’m excited for the result.