Studio build

This spring I moved into a nice studio, which I have already almost completely furnished.

Two things will happen in the next weeks. First, a good colleague is building an audio computer for me, which will be an absolute “work monster”. I’ve never had such a crazy machine under my fingers before and I’m already quite nervous.

On the other hand I ordered professional acoustic absorbers made of Basotect. The plan was originally to build such things myself, but since the craftsmanship and time involved would be quite considerable and I couldn’t be sure that the quality would be convincing, I decided on the finished version, although it is more expensive. But the weight alone makes it much lighter than a DIY block. This also plays into my hands. A partial delivery has already arrived and soon I will install everything.

The DIY project will be realized one day, because I really want to produce such absorbers myself. You can make them for your home. Because even there the acoustics are often not that great.

An exciting time and I’m looking forward to giving it a real boost soon.

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