When did this trend actually begin? At least it was suddenly there. Youtube is now full of it. Videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Of people in quiet environment with sensitive microphones relatively close to the ear (thus close to the microphone and usually in stereo), who produce fine noises (so-called triggers), which cause a tingling feeling (so-called Tingles). ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Although I personally do not experience tingling, many sounds are very pleasant and extremely relaxing. Just light scratching noise, rubbing fabric, whispering and mouth sounds, almost directly on or partly already in the ear. And it is always exciting to discover new creatively used and audibly explored objects of everyday life with the ears (preferably with headphones). The phenomenon of personal attention also totally relaxes me. Is it a reflex of the recovered childhood?

I noticed many Youtuber women connect this medium with their sexiness, not only in terms of self-expression, but also with videos on ear licking / sucking or the like. Sex sells here as well. At least there are no limits to creativity. OK then. Technically in terms of sound I find ASMR very interesting. If you do not know it yet, here are some examples. Headphones on and go!

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