Final exam with BSR

This is it! I finished my two-year education as a state approved Sound Designer with the presentation of my final sound branding. My partner for this was the BSR (Berlin city cleaning department). It was a very nice cooperation and the sound fits well to the company.

My final branding

The branding is not a commissioned work. I developed it as part of my thesis with BSR as a partner. The company has not yet decided on an actual use, possibly even only of individual elements.

To be on stage at Pfefferberg (Haus 13) in the end felt comfortable and I’m so happy about all the positive feedback I got from the audience (about 150 people) and our teachers while presenting and afterwards. I’m also happy with my result and very thankful I was able to experience all this. I learned so much, had so many posibilities and met so many wonderful people!

What a ride!

Again thank you to all people who helped me making this all possible, thanks to the people from Wave Akademie für Digitale Medien, also to those who went other directions in that time, to all teachers and the office for always helping out, to my schoolmates and classmates (great results!!!), thanks to Berliner Stadtreinigung – BSR for being my partner for the finals, thanks to Katrin Kaspar and Jennifer Sarah Boone for being my lovely voices,
thanks to Till Schrader, Brige Greene and Marco Enrico Cantalamessa, thank you also to the employment agency for being so cooperative and making this all happen, thanks to all friends wishing me “good luck”, thanks to my whole family and especially thank you so much to my girlfriend for keeping my back free for these two years! ♥️

And now, let’s move on! 🤘😀🤘

At Berlin Pfefferberg, Haus 13
Start screen of my presentation and effects on my master channel

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