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Mark Reeder Interview Superbooth 2019

My interview for the WAVE AKADEMIE at Superbooth 2019 with music legend Mark Reeder about his early years, his movie “B-Movie” and his career. Thanks, Mark! I am glad that I was able to save the sound, which was unfortunately completely noisy due to strong interferences. A little mammoth task. 😉

Vocal recording image film 2nd part

We had a nice vocal recording session for the second part of the image film for “Bogen trifft”. Again I made a simple but very useful setup. Also I built a vocal booth in one of the studios. Thanks to opera singer Bettina Jensen, director Christian Scheffer, initiator Frank Schach and WAVE AKADEMIE.

Voice Recording with Peggy

Today I had a really cool voice recording session at Wave Akademie together with Peggy Wochatz as voice-over artist, who plays the protagonist in the recently filmed corporate movie, and Christian Scheffer , filmmaker and director of the entire project. Thank you for this wonderful morning. Edit: Watch the final film HERE !

Showreel Production Music Film Score | Sad Emotional

I made another video to present a sad and at the same time beautiful music I wrote and produced. On request, I produce specific music for film, companies, products, advertising and the like.

Participation at LANNEFF Film Festival in L.A.

After receiving an invitation from Carey Westbrook, director and organizer of the festival, we are taking part with our short film “In Your Shoes” at the said Neo-noir film festival LANNEFF, which takes place in LA (homepage and festival). The “trash” factor has just risen and I find it super cool. Now I’m curious what …

Sound Branding for Alternative Berlin Tours

Here is my final sound branding for Alternative Berlin Tours, the hottest provider of alternative city tours through Germany ‘s capital, including the voice of Santiago Ziesmer (Spongebob Squarepants, Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel, Steve Buscemi and many more), whom I met in a cool session at the WAVE AKADEMIE. The feeling of a proud …

Film shooting “Take Another Look”

Yesterday’s movie shooting for Mark Sam’s “Take Another Look” by Wave Akademie was really fun. 12 hours of hard work as a boom operator, but also lots of fun and lots of laughs (Mr. Ernest O’Look 😉). A great job from everyone. Thanks for the delicious Ghanaian food!

Soundbranding: midterm exam at Pfefferberg

On 04. October .2018 I had my presentation for our intermediate exam at Pfefferberg, Haus 13. Despite the excitement, I had a lot of fun on stage presenting my final sound branding project to the audience. So much positive feedback, I was really happy. Thank you all for coming. Thanks to my family for the …